Friday, May 31, 2013

Italy 10 euro 2013 - Luigi Pirandello

New silver commemorative:

"European writers and poets series: Luigi Pirandello"

(news and image from Pabitra Saha)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ukraine 5 hryvnia 2013 - Lugansk

New bimetallic commemorative:

"New 'Regions' series: Lugansk"

Disk composition: CuAlSnZn
Ring composition: CuNi
Weight: 9.40 g
Diameter: 28.00 mm
Mintage: 20,000

(news from Jacek Stacel)

LINK: National Bank of Ukraine

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Off-Topic: Can you identify these nine tokens?

I have these pieces in my coin collection that need identification. Can you help?

Token #1:

Token #2:

Token #3:

Token #4:

Token #5:

Token #6:

Token #7:

Token #8:

Token #9:

Russia 10 roubles 2013 - Naro-Fominsk

New circulating commemorative:

"Cities of military glory: Naro-Fominsk"

(information by Taigawirbel and Dmitry Petrov)

LINK: Bank of Russia

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kazakhstan 50 tenge 2013 - Mağjan Zhumabayev

New commemorative:

"120 years of Mağjan Zhumabayev"

(news by Gijs Vlothuizen and Taigawirbel)

Weight: 11.37 g
Diameter: 31.00 mm
Thickness: 2.00 mm
Edge: grooved with 10 sectors of corrugation
Mintage: 100 000

LINK: National Bank of Kazakhstan

Australia 20 & 50 cents 2013 - Centenary of Australian Banknotes

New CuNi commemoratives:

"Centenary of Australian Banknotes"

The Royal Australian Mint has released this uncirculated three coin set. The coin designs within are inspired by banknote designs originally issued 100 years ago; they feature iconic images of Australia's primary industries of the era. The ten shillings, one pound, and five pounds designs are all celebrated on the coins within this set:

The 50 cents issue:

(news by Peter Kaminsky)

LINK: Royal Australian Mint

Monday, May 27, 2013

France 5 euro 2013 - Values of the Republic

New silver commemoratives:

"Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)"

Also, three silver pieces of 25 euro are released, for "Justice, Laicité, Respect (Justice, Laicism, Respect)". And a gold coin of 250 euro for "Paix (Peace)". In september, under subscription, a new gold coin of 500 euro for "République (Republic)" will be issued, to finish the collection.

(news and images by Antoine Clerc)

LINK: Monnaie de Paris

Australia 50 cents 2013 - Queen Elizabeth II

New CuNi commemorative:

"60th Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II"

Composition: CuNi
Weight: 15.55 g
Diameter: 31.51 mm
Shape: 14-sided
Edge: plain
Artist: Aleksandra Stokic

(news by Peter Kaminsky)

LINK: Royal Australian Mint

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Australia 50 cents 2013 - 100 Years of Commonwealth Stamps

New CuNi commemorative:

"100 Years of Commonwealth Stamps"

At the point of Australian federation in 1901, all six-governing colonies had been operating their own postal services and issuing their own stamps. This system was changed in March 1901 with the establishment of the Post-master General's Department, meaning all then-current colony stamps became de facto Commonwealth stamps.

Composition: CuNi
Weight: 15.55 g
Diameter: 31.51 mm
Shape: 14-sided
Edge: plain

(news by Peter Kaminsky)

LINK: Royal Australian Mint

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Poland 5 zlotys 2013 - Denarius of Boleslaw I the Brave

New silver commemorative:

"Denarius of Boleslaw I the Brave"

(news by Pabitra Saha)

LINK: National Bank of Poland
LINK: Polish State Mint

Friday, May 24, 2013

Germany 10 euro 2013 - Richard Wagner

New CuNi and silver commemoratives:

"200 years of the Birth of Richard Wagner"

(news and image from

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Slovakia 10 euro 2013 - Jozef Karol Hell

New silver commemorative:

"Birth tricentenary of Jozef Karol Hell"

Jozef Karol Hell was a mining engineer, who invented the water-pillar (water pump machine) in 1749 (first use 1753). It is mainly used today for oil extraction.

(news by Pabitra Saha)
(biographical data from Wikipedia)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Peru 1 nuevo sol 2013 - Templo de Kotosh

New circulating type:

"Templo de Kotosh"

This is the 13th coin of the series "Wealth and Pride of Peru":

LINK: Peru Central Bank

Composition: CuNi
Diameter: 25.50 mm
Weight: 7.32 g
Mintage 10 million

(news by Taigawirbel and David Velarde)

The previous coins of the series:

1. Tumi de oro (2010)
2. Sarcofagos de Karajia (2010)
3. Estela de Raimondi (2010)
4. Chullpas de Sillustani (2011)
5. Monasterio de Santa Catalina (2011)
6. Machu Picchu (2011)
7. Gran Pajatén (2011)
8. Piedra de Saywite (2012)
9. Real Felipe Fortress (2012)
10. Templo del Sol de Vilcashuamán (2012)
11. Kuntur Wasi (2012)
12. Templo Inca Huaytará (2013)

Russia 10 roubles 2013 - Battle of Stalingrad

New circulating commemorative:

"70 years of the Battle of Stalingrad"

The statue at the memorial complex "Mamayev Kurgan" in Volgograd (former Stalingrad):

(picture taken from

LINK: Bank of Russia

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Andorra euro set 2014

The designs for the future family of Andorra euros are ready. They only need to be approved by the European Union:

The 1, 2 and 5 cents:

The 10, 20 and 50 cents:

The bimetallic 1 euro coin:

The bimetallic 2 euros coin:

(news by Pabitra Saha)

LINK: Andorra Mint

Australia 20 cents 2013 - Parliament House

New commemorative:

"25th Anniversary of Australian Parliament House"

Opened in 1988 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Australian Parliament House was designed by architect firm Mitchell, Giurgola & Thorp whose winning design was selected from a field of 329 entries from 28 different countries.

Australian Parliament House was built into Capital Hill and not on top of it, symbolically placing parliament on the same level as the people it serves. Designed to last 200 years, this magnificent structure incorporates motifs signifying Australia's ancient beginnings, Indigenous culture, European settlement, pastoral development and bright future.

Picture of the building:

Composition: CuNi
Weight: 11.30 g
Diameter: 28.52 mm
Edge: plain
Designer: T. Dean

(information from Peter Kaminsky)

LINK: Royal Australian Mint

Australia 1 dollar 2013 - Slim Dusty

New commemorative:

"Inspirational Australians: Slim Dusty"

Known as Australia's King of Country but born David Gordon Kirkpatrick, the name Slim Dusty has been synonymous with Australian country music for nearly seventy years. When he made his first recording in 1942 it was on a 78rpm record made at his own expense. 'Song for the Aussies' marked the beginning of an incredible career that saw Slim Dusty release more than 100 albums, win dozens of song writing and recording awards as well as become the first artist to have his music broadcast from space on the 1981 Space Shuttle Columbia mission.

Composition: Al-Bronze
Weight: 9.00 g
Diameter: 25.00 mm
Edge: plain/reeded

LINK: Royal Australian Mint

Friday, May 17, 2013

Australia 20 cents 2013 - Army Chaplains

New CuNi commemorative:

Australia Remembers series: Army Chaplains

(information by Peter Kaminsky)

Composition: CuNi
Weight: 11.30 g
Diameter: 28.52 mm
Edge: plain
Designer: A. Meszaros

LINK: Royal Australian Mint

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Belgium 2 euro 2013 - Royal Meteorological Institute

New bimetallic circulating commemorative:

The winning design for the Belgium 2 euro commemorative in 2013:

The definitive coin:

(news and definitive image by Pabitra Saha)

External ring: CuNi
Center disc: 3 layers, Ni-Brass, Ni, Ni-brass
Diameter: 25.75 mm
Width: 2.20 mm
Weight: 8.50 g

Ukraine 5 & 10 hryvnia 2013 - House with Chimaeras

New silver and CuNi commemoratives:

"House with Chimaeras by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky"

House with Chimaeras or Gorodetsky House is an Art Nouveau building located in the historic Lypky neighborhood of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Situated across the street from the President of Ukraine's office at No. 10, Bankova Street, the building has been used as a presidential residence for official and diplomatic ceremonies since 2005.

The real building:

Closer detail of some of its fantasy creatures:

(news by Gijs Vlothuizen and Pabitra Saha)

LINK: National Bank of Ukraine

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Luxembourg 5 euro 2013 - Beaufort Castle

New bimetallic commemorative:

Real image of the Beaufort Castle (from the Wikipedia):

(news by Pabitra Saha)
(image from

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

San Marino 5 euro 2013 - Federico Fellini

New silver commemorative:

"20th anniversary of the death of Federico Fellini"

(news and image by Pabitra Saha)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Russia 10 roubles 2013 - Kronshtadt

New circulating commemorative:

"Cities of military glory: Kronshtadt"

(information by Taigawirbel)

LINK: Bank of Russia

Lebanon 500 livres 2012 - Latent image

New circulating type:

Closer image of the latent image (cedar trees):

(news by Egon Conti)
(images by Michel Guerin)

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Belgium 10 euro 2013 - 100 years of the Tour of Flanders

New silver commemorative:

"100 years of the Tour of Flanders"

(news and image from Pabitra Saha)

India 5 rupees 2012 - Mata Vaishno Devi

New circulating commemorative:

"Silver Jubilee of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board"

(news and image by Shamik Biswas and Pabitra Saha)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Poland 2 zlotys 2013 - Lublin Class Minelayer-landing Ship

New circulating commemorative:

"Polish Ships: Lublin Class Minelayer-landing Ship"

(news by Taigawirbel)

Composition: Nordic gold, CuAl5Zn5Sn1
Weight: 8.15 g
Diameter: 27.00 mm
Mintage: 800 000

LINK: National Bank of Poland
LINK: Polish State Mint

Finland 5 euro 2013 - Provincial Buildings: Finland Proper & Aland

New bimetallic commemoratives:

Finland Proper: showing Turku cathedral.

Aland: showing Sälskär lighthouse.

The real buildings:

Core composition: CuNi
Ring composition: Nordic Gold
Diameter: 27.25 mm
Weight: 9.80 g

(news by Pabitra Saha)

Link: Mint of Finland