Thursday, February 23, 2017

Austria 5 euro 2017 - Easter Lamb

New copper and silver commemoratives:

"Easter Lamb"

(news by Wolfgang Schuster)

LINK: Austrian Mint

Isle of Man 2017 - New coin family

New coin family, minted at the Tower Mint, would start circulating by april:

The common side:

(news and images by Niels van Schendel

Friday, February 17, 2017

Finland 2 euro 2017 - Centenary of Independence

New bimetallic circulating commemorative's design ready:

'Centenary of Independence'

In 2017, Finland will release a special two-euro coin celebrating the country's centenary of independence. The planned mintage of the Independent Finland 100 Years special coin is 2.5 million.

External ring: CuNi
Center disc: 3 layers, Ni-Brass, Ni, Ni-brass
Diameter: 25.75 mm
Width: 2.20 mm
Weight: 8.50 g

LINK: Bank of Finland
LINK: Mint of Finland

Australia 20 cents 2017 - Sinking of the SS Vyner Brooke

New commemorative:

"75th Anniversary of the Sinking of the SS Vyner Brooke"

(news by Pabitra Saha)

LINK: Royal Australian Mint

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Australia 2 cents 2017 - Kangaroo and Joey

New bronze collector's issue:

"Kangaroo and Joey"

LINK: Royal Australian Mint

Kyrgyzstan 10 som 2016 - 25th Anniversary of Independence

New silver collectors' issue:

"25th Anniversary of Independence"

(news and image by Pabitra Saha)

LINK: National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

France 2 euro 2017 - Auguste Rodin

New bimetallic circulating commemorative:

"Auguste Rodin"

External ring: CuNi
Center disc: 3 layers, Ni-Brass, Ni, Ni-brass
Diameter: 25.75 mm
Width: 2.20 mm
Weight: 8.50 g

(news and image by Gijs Vlothuizen)

Mexico 20 pesos 2017 - Centenary of the Constitution

New bimetallic circulating commemorative:

"Centenary of the Mexican Constitution of 1917"

(news and image by Jacek Stącel, Taigawirbel and Pabitra Saha)

LINK: Banco de Mexico

Finland 5 euro 2017 - Risto Heikki Ryti

New bimetallic commemorative:

"Presidents of Finland" series: Risto Heikki Ryti

Core composition: CuNi
Ring composition: Nordic Gold
Diameter: 27.25 mm
Weight: 9.80 g
Designer: Tero Lounas
Mintage 6,000 (proof) and 30,000 (unc)

(news by Pabitra Saha)

Link: Mint of Finland

Bermuda 25 cents 2016 - Red Cardinal

New collectors' issues:

'Bermuda's 2009 Banknotes Series 6th and last issue: Red Cardinal'

(news and image by Alexey Malykh)

Composition: CuNi
Weight: 28.28 g
Diameter: 36.61 mm
Mintage: 2,000

Silver and gold issues of 2 & 5 dollars have been minted, too.

LINK: Bermuda Monetary Authority

Norway 20 krone 2017 - Centenary of the 1st Sami Congress

New circulating commemorative:

"Centenary of the 1st Sami Congress"

LINK: Norges Bank

Monday, February 06, 2017

Estonia 8 & 25 euro 2017 - Hanseatic Tallinn

New silver and gold commemoratives:

"Estonian Hanseatic towns series: Tallinn"

(news by Pabitra Saha)

LINK: Bank of Estonia

Slovenia 2 euro 2017 - Introduction of the euro in Slovenia

New bimetallic circulating commemorative:

"10th anniversary of the introduction of the euro in Slovenia"

External ring: CuNi
Center disc: 3 layers, Ni-Brass, Ni, Ni-brass
Diameter: 25.75 mm
Width: 2.20 mm
Weight: 8.50 g

LINK: Bank of Slovenia

Friday, February 03, 2017

Austria 10 euro 2017 - Michael - The Protecting Angel

New copper and silver collectors' items:

"Guardian Angels collection: Michael - The Protecting Angel"

LINK: Austrian Mint

Austria 20 euro 2017 - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

New silver commemorative:

"175th Anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra"

LINK: Austrian Mint

Austria 3 euro 2017 - The Tiger

New CuNi dark-glowing commemorative:

"Colourful Creatures - The Tiger"

LINK: Austrian Mint

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Kazakhstan 2016 - New coat of arms

All the regular coins of year 2016 bear a slightly different design of the country's coat of arms, as seen in this image:

Besides, the 50 tenge type is now whiter (less yellow than before, but non-magnetic) which points to a new composition.

(image by Michael Kaplan and Pabitra Saha)
(news by Michael Kaplan, Wolfgang Schuster and Gijs Vlothuizen)

San Marino euro set 2017 - All new designs

New euro coin types will be released this year in San Marino:

1, 2 and 5 cents:

10, 20 and 50 cents:

And the bimetallic 1 and 2 euro types:

(news by Pabitra Saha)
(images taken from

Further information on coin motifs: EUROCOINLAND site

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Sri Lanka 2000 rupees 2017 - Visakha Vidyalaya

New collectors' silver issue:

"Centenary of Visakha Vidyalaya"

Visakha Vidyalaya is a girls school in Colombo that provides primary and secondary education. It was founded in 1917 by Celestina Dias (1858-1933), a Ceylonese philanthropist and businesswoman, pioneer in the field of Buddhist Girls' education and women entrepreneurs.

(news by Pabitra Saha)
(images taken from
(information taken from Wikipedia)

Further info: Kavan Ratnatunga's site

Spain 30 euro 2017 - Maastricht Treaty

New silver commemorative to be issued:

"25th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty"

LINK: Spanish Mint