Thursday, December 2, 2010

Peru 1 nuevo sol 2010 - Estela de Raimondi

New circulating type:

This is the third coin of the series "Wealth and Pride of Peru"

The stela is a major piece of art from the Chavin culture of the Andes mountains in Peru. The Chavin civilization stretched from roughly 900 - 200 BC. Chavin art is famously difficult to interpret and it required specially schooled priests to translate the symbols from the most complex pieces in the ancient world. The art makes use of animals, birds and plants, many of which have religious significance. Eagles and cats are known to be particularly important in the artwork.

Antonio Raimondi was the Italian archaeologist who found the Raimondi Stela.

(image by David Velarde)
(information copied from

LINK: Peru Central Bank
LINK: Coin Details (PDF file)

Composition: CuNi
Diameter: 25.50 mm
Weight: 7.32 g
Mintage: 10 millions

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