Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mauritania 2009

Mauritania has now 3 new types:

1 Ouguiya: 20.0 mm, 3.8g, plain edge, ni plated steel, new type (as it's new metal)

5 Ouguiya: 24.0 mm, 5.5g, plain edge, co plated steel, new type (as it's 1 mm smaller than previous years)

10 Ouguiya: 24.5 mm, 6.0g, reeded edge, ni plated steel, existing type KM#4a

20 Ouguiya: 26.0 mm, 7.0g, segmented reeded edge, bimetallic: ni plated steel center, brass plated steel ring, new type

(information and image by Wolfgang Schuster and Patrick Raffin)

LINK: Banque Centrale de Mauritanie

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  1. Anonymous14:01

    Is it really cobalt-plated steel?