Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Serbia 10 & 20 dinara 2009

New circulating commemoratives:

"10 dinara: Universiade"
"20 dinara: Milutin Milankovic"

Only 500,000 coins of both denominations have been minted.
The 10 dinar coin features the motifs of the 25th summer Universiade to be held in July 2009 in Belgrade, while the 20 dinar coin features the portrait of Milutin Milankovic, the renowned world geophysicist, engineer, climatologist and astronomer, and was minted to honour the 130th anniversary of his birth.

(images by Ranko Mandic)
(information by Ranko Mandic and Pabitra Saha)

LINK: National Bank of Serbia
LINK: Universiade
LINK: Milutin Milankovic in Wikipedia


  1. How about adding this information to Colnect's free coins catalog?

  2. National Bank Of Serbia link has changed to http://www.nbs.rs (all yu domains are off now and the most of them are changed to .rs or .co.rs or similar)


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