Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lesotho 1 loti 2016 - New subtype

New circulating subtype:

Lesotho has restruck its 1 Loti coin with new date 2016. It was minted in South Africa and has a plain edge. It is a new subtype, because previous years showed reeded edge (minted at the Royal Mint).

(news and scan from Wolfgang Schuster)

1 comment:

  1. Not only edge.
    1. small distance between MISHOESHOE and central figure in 1998 VS large distance in 2016
    2.114 dots on the reverse on 1998 VS 115 dots on 2016
    3.Different style of Horse tails and heads is very visible
    4. Different position of crocodile on the basuto shield
    5. Words on the motto in 1998 are normally divided from each other, while in 2016 they are merged, or almost merged.
    6. last word of the motto in 1998/2010 coins is NAGA ( wrong), while in 2016 word is correct - NALA.
    I checked 2 and 5 maloti coins and they have correct word on the motto - NALA. maybe I see wrongly??