Friday, October 16, 2015

Off-Topic: Can you give me exact info about this Indore coin?

I have this piece in my coin collection that needs identification. Can you help?

It is Indian Indore State copper 1/4 anna. Weights 6.22 grams. Diameter is 26 mm. Since there are several types (KM#32, KM#33...) I need exact identification. Thanks in advance!


  1. KM#33, year 1944 (1887)

  2. The legs don't match 33.1, nor does the position of the text clockwise from the nose.

    I would classify it as KM#32.3 based on the leg positions and the text position.

  3. KM#33.1 because
    - it shows the ruler's name & title (maharaja shivaji rao), while KM#32 is anonymous
    - the country Name "Indore" is below the cow, while the other KM#33.x have it somewhere else or not at all

    the first post was a little short... :-)

  4. I agree with Harald, it's 33.1. You can't determine the type on the basis of the position of the text relative to the nose etc. As opposed to 20th century European minting technology, the features on these coins would have been engraved multiple times on different dies, consequently there would be multiple sub-varieties within the KM# 33.1 variety (and other varieties). In China there's actually an attempt at cataloguing such sub-varieties among modern Chinese coins (!), a task completely beyond the scope of a catalogue such as the World Coins catalogue.