Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Off-Topic: Can you identify these nine tokens?

I have these pieces in my coin collection that need identification. Can you help?

Token #1:

Token #2:

Token #3:

Token #4:

Token #5:

Token #6:

Token #7:

Token #8:

Token #9:


  1. I have #5 also. It's a card "gaming" token.

  2. Hi!

    1- British commemorative medal for the death of George Canning :

    2- French token (minted in Nuremberg, Germany) for the coronation of Charles X (1825)
    A lot of different reverse exists, yourth is n°82 here :

    3- Trade token from Stourbridge, UK.

    4- British medallion for Queen Adelaïde and George IV coronation (1831) minted in Nuremberg

    5- Spade Half Guinea

    6- British token for RUM

    7- US trade token

    8- Victoria Coronation Medal (minted in Nuremberg, same as the George IV one)

    9- 5 shillings token for William Brothers

  3. Cómo se supone que se identifica un token? Con un nº de catálogo?

    Sobre el último, son 5 chelines.

    Williams Brothers direct supply stores was a grocery at 328 Hackney Road, London E2 in 1921. The nearby Nags Head at 324 was already there in 1921 and still has the same name.

    This is a series of dividend tickets. They would be given as proof of purchase, to be exchanged once a year for a bonus depending on profit and the value of the tokens.

  4. Token # 8 - Coronation medal of Queen Victoria

  5. Token # 5 - This is old British token as guinea