Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Denmark 10 & 20 krone 2013 - New circulation types

In 2013, the 10 and 20 krone coins will be redesigned again to be more in line with their original design. This will restore the visual identity of the whole series, from the 50 øre coin to the highest denomination 20 kroner. Based on the very first version in this series, a new typeface has been designed for the coins. It was inspired by Danish Art Nouveau, known as Skønvirke, as seen in Danish coins from the early 20th century. The new typeface is in keeping with tradition, but also attractive and robust. Finally, the coat of arms will be redesigned to fit the coins, and the denomination will be shown in the robust, easy to read style also used on the other coins in the series.

(information and images from Serhiy Dzhyshkariani)

LINK: Denmark National Bank

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