Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ukraine 2 hryvnia 2013 - Olha Kobylianska

New low mintage commemorative:

'150th anniversary of the Birth of Olha Kobylianska'

Olha Yulianivna Kobylianska (1863-1942) was a Ukrainian modernist writer and feminist. Her writings were influenced by George Sand and Friedrich Nietzsche. She was interested in the Ukrainian peasantry, and often wrote about the lives of these people. She depicted the struggle between good and evil and the mystical force of nature, predestination, magic, and the irrational in many of her stories of peasant life. Her works are known for their impressionistic, lyrical descriptions of nature and subtle psychological portrayals.

(news and image from Gijs Vlothuizen and Pabitra Saha)
(biographical information taken from Wikipedia)

Composition: CuNiZn
Weight: 12.80 g
Diameter: 31.00 mm
Mintage: 20 000

LINK: National Bank of Ukraine

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