Thursday, October 10, 2013

Denmark 20 and 500 krone 2013 - Danish scientists

New circulating and silver commemoratives:

'Scientific theories developed by Danish scientists'

To mark the centenary of the publication of Niels Bohr's atomic theory, Danmarks Nationalbank has issued a new series of coins with scientific theories developed by Danish scientists as their common theme.

The series comprises four coins. All in two versions, CuAlNi 20 kroner (in both circulation and proof finish) and silver 500 kroner:

Niels Bohr's atomic model showing the orbit of the electrons around the nucleus (1913):

Hans Christian Ørsted's experiment demonstrating electromagnetism (1820):

Ole Rømer's diagram describing the speed of light (1675):

Tycho Brahe's constellation Cassiopeia accentuating the star Stella Nova (1572):

The common face of the four coins:

(news by Taigawirbel, Egon Conti and Jo Hoogeveen)
(images and data from Danmarks Nationalbank)

LINK: Denmark National Bank
LINK: Danish Royal Mint

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