Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bangladesh 5 taka 1994 & 1996

This is an old gap in Krause catalogue that most of us have already noticed in our collections:

The 5 taka 1994 and 1996 types that Krause currently names as KM#18.1 are in fact quite different.
The main difference is for clouds at top of bridge: 1994 cloud is bit flat and homogeneous, while 1996 cloud is a bit higher and made of small joined bunches of clouds.

Right now, both years are type KM#18.1 for Krause. This was already reported and soon 1996 will be a different KM.

Also, there is another 5 taka 1996 completely different, with wider details and different clouds, which is KM#18.2:

(images and information by Abu Shamim Md. Talha (Limon))

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  1. This is common change/verities, nothing special.