Friday, June 3, 2011

Eastern Caribbean States 2009 - New subtypes

From 2002 to 2007, the 10 cents (KM37), 25 cents (KM38) and 1 dollar (KM39) common circulating coins were made of CuNi:

My friend Wolfgang Schuster sent me a 10 cents item from 2009 with a magnetic core, steel I guess. This is clearly a new KM subtype. It is attracted to magnets, while previous years weren't.

Confirmation needed: I've been trying to contact the Central Bank looking for a confirmation regarding the other 2 values, 25 cents and 1 dollar, but until now, I've got no answer. Also, I contacted a couple of sellers in eBay asking for the same details. Again, no answers. Years after 2008 seem quite hard to be found. So, visitors, if you've seen Eastern Caribbean States pieces from 2009 on, please add some comments here.

New data from 23rd june 2011, by Wolfgang: "a friend of mine is just back from Dominica. He was at the Central Bank there: so far ONLY the 10c exists in magnetic composition."

(information by Wolfgang Schuster)


  1. I bought a 2009 10c on eBAy the other day and it is indeed magnetic

  2. I live in Antigua and I have seen many 10 cents new version coins but never 25 cents or 1 dollar. There is also a new version 1 cents and 5 cents coins. 2 cents I have not yet seen.