Monday, May 2, 2011

Panama 25 centesimos 2009 - Coloured flag

Some time ago, some sources mentioned this new circulating commemorative in Panama. 2 million Balboas were to be minted in 25 cents coins, with a Panama flag embossed color image superimposed on the "Palace of the Herons", the presidential building.

Updates from january 2013: Juan Carlos Jiménez, a well known expert on Panama coins tells that although the issue of this coin was planned (and even has a coinage law), it seems that has never been struck and he does not believe they will ever be issued, as other coin issues take precedence.

Only this low quality image is available right now:

(image by Michael Reissner)
(information from by

The real building, Palace of the Herons (Palacio de las Garzas):


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