Wednesday, September 27, 2006

China 1 yuan 2006 - Dog year

New commemorative:

"Year of the Dog"

This New Year Commemorative one yuan Coin for 2006 is a legal tender of the People's Republic of China.
China issues such commemorative one yuan coin every year, since 2003 (Sheep year). This is the 4th issue. It comes with a great design booklet coin holder and a envelope. It also comes with a Certificate.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nepal 1 rupee 2006

New circulating commemorative:

"Sri Talbarahi Temple"

LINK: Central Bank of the Kingdom of Nepal

Composition: Brass plated Steel
Weight: 4.00 g
Diameter: 20.00 mm
Edge: plain
Minted at China Bank Note Printing and Minting Corporation

Monday, September 25, 2006

Hungary 50 forint 2006 - Red Cross

New circulating commemorative:

"125th anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian Red Cross"

(information from Andras Majoros)

LINK: Central Bank of Hungary

Composition: CuNi
Weight: 7.70 g
Diameter: 27.40 mm
Mintage: 2,000,000
Designer: Istvan Kosa

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tajikistan 1 somoni 2006

New circulating commemoratives:

"1 somoni: Year of Aryan Civilization"

The National Bank of Tajikistan has minted these two jubilee coins dedicated to the Year of Aryan Civilization at the St. Petersburg mint.

LINK: National Bank of Tajikistan

Composition: CuNi
Weight: 5.20 g
Diameter: 24.00 mm
Width: 1,60 mm
Mintage: 100,000

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Portugal 10 euro 2006 - FIFA World Cup

New circulating commemorative:

"FIFA Germany World Championship 2006"

LINK: Casa da Moeda

Composition: Silver 500/1000
Weight: 27.00 g
Diameter: 40.00 mm
Mintage: 100,000

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

UAE 1 dirham 2006 - Dubai Police

New circulating commemorative in the United Arab Emirates:

"50 years of Dubai Police"

The Dubai Police logo on the coin:

LINK: Dubai Police
LINK: Central Bank of the UAE

Composition: CuNi
Weight: 6.40 g
Diameter: 24.00 mm

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tajikistan 2006 bimetallics

New bimetallics:

"3 and 5 somoni"

5 somoni coin is dedicated to the 15th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan.
3 somoni coin is dedicated to the 2700th Anniversary of Kulyab Town.

LINK: National Bank of Tajikistan

5 SOMONI Specifications
Weight: 7.00 g
Diameter: 26.50 mm
Width: 1,85 mm
Mintage: 100,000

3 SOMONI Specifications
Weight: 6.30 g
Diameter: 25.50 mm
Width: 1,80 mm
Mintage: 100,000

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mexico 100 pesos 2006 - Guerrero

New circulating commemorative:

"Mexican States collection 2: Guerrero"

LINK: Banco de Mexico

Disc composition: Silver 0.925
Ring composition: Aluminium-Bronze
Weight: 33.967 g
Diameter: 39.00 mm
Edge: rifling

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Poland 2 zlotys 2006 - Church in Haczow

New circulating commemorative:

"The Church in Haczow"

The original building:

LINK: National Bank of Poland
LINK: Polish State Mint
LINK: Church in Haczow, Polish site

Composition: Nordic gold, CuAl5Zn5Sn1
Weight: 8.15 g
Diameter: 27.00 mm

Monday, September 4, 2006

Somaliland 2006 Zodiac

New commemoratives:

"2006 Zodiac Coins"

Common side:

The zodiac signs side:

(images from DiggaFromDover in eBay)