Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Zimbabwe 2014 - New bond coins

New circulation family:

These bond coins would be at par with the US cents, that is trading one for one with US cents.

They will be distributed to the public through normal banking channels and shall be in circulation starting December 18 2014.

The 50c coins would be released into the market in March 2015 due to the prerequisite security features needed in the design and manufacture of this coin.

Wolfgang Schuster sent this information on coin specifications:

1 cent/2.50 g/17.00 mm/plain/copper plating (magnetic)
5 cents/3.00 g/18.00 mm/plain/brass plating (magnetic)
10 cents/4.90 g/20.00 mm/reeded/brass plating (magnetic)
25 cents/5.00 g/23.00 mm/reeded/steel (magnetic)

(news by Pabitra Saha and Aidan Work)
(image by Johann Siemens)

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