Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fiji 2 dollars 2014 - Redesigned type

The Reserve Bank of Fiji has decided to mint a new coin of 2 dollars after the public complaints of people regarding the 2012 issue, since it was difficult to distinguish between the existing $2 and $1 coins.

The new $2 coin is slightly larger and thicker than the existing coin. Besides the size and weight, another differentiating factor of the new coin is the Spanish Flower (inside cut) edge.

The new coin has been supplied by The Royal Canadian Mint, is made of Multi-ply Bronze Plated Steel instead of the Multi-ply Brass Plated Steel of the existing coin:

Another picture:

With the introduction of the new $2 coin from 3 November 2014, the public is encouraged to start returning the existing $2 coins to a bank branch nearest to them before 31 December 2014. All existing $2 coins received back from circulation will be returned to the suppliers for destruction.

(news and images from Pabitra Saha)

Composition: Multi-ply Bronze plated Steel
Weight: 7.85 g
Diameter: 26.00 mm
Thickness: 2.25 mm
Shape: round
Edge: Plain, with Spanish Flower (inside cut)

LINK: Reserve Bank of Fiji
LINK: Spanish Flower coin edge

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