Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zambia 2012 - new coin family

New coinage in Zambia:

(information by Pabitra Saha, Phil McLoughlin and Matt)
(images by Serhiy Dzhyshkariani)

LINK: Bank of Zambia


  1. I find this issue very intriguing. Perhaps these official preview pictures give a misleading impression, but to me all that very fine detail makes them look like coins that carry pictures applied by a "printing" technique (i.e., rather like colour coins).

    My point is, I don't think I've ever come across an issue of a set of regular circulation coins produced employing such a - presumably relatively expensive - technique (though a few countries, e.g. Canada, have issued inexpensive, coloured commemorative coins that are meant for circulation as well).

    All I could find out was that these coins were to be produced in South Africa. Does anyone know more about how they will be made (or if they will, in reality, actually show all that fine detail visible in the picture above)?

    1. Hello d,

      The pictures shown are just the artwork. The eventual coins will look very different, though I don't know what the specifications will be. For an example, look at the artwork compared to the finished versions of the Colombia 2012 set. Look particularly at the frog design:

      1] Artwork.,14582.msg107584.html#msg107584

      2] Finished designs.,15809.msg119797.html#msg119797

      See also this topic for more info on the Zambia issue:,13372.0.html

      You can see masses of artwork in our "Unrealised designs" section:,93.0.html

      Phil ( on the forum).

  2. Thanks very much, Phil! That clears it up.