Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Netherlands 10 cents 2012 - Orange issue

New coloured circulating item:

The Dutch Mint will be issuing this nice coloured edition of the circulation 10 cents 2012. It will be available in credit card. It shows the dates of the UEFA Cup matches.

LINK: Dutch Mint


  1. There's this statement on the site (http://www.knm.nl/Oranje-Geluksdubbeltje-2012/nl/news/374/): "De Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt geeft echter niet de garantie dat er mee betaald kan worden." The mint cannot guarantee that the coin can be used for payment. That makes this issue more akin to a medal than a coin in my book.

    And many thanks for this excellent blog!

  2. There could be some truth to the comment above. I doubt that the Dutch mint is actually authorized to issue such a non-standard version of the 10 cent coin. Remember that the euro coinage is regulated by the ECB, which has strict rules for the issuance of coinage.