Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Russia 10 roubles 2011 - Belgorod

New circulating commemorative:

"Cities of Military Glory: Belgorod"

Composition: brass plated steel
Weight: 5.63 g
Diameter: 22.00 mm
Thickness: 2.20 mm
Edge: reeded and plain sections

(information by Antony and Taneli Perätalo)

LINK: Bank of Russia


  1. I see from the Bank of Russia website that some of the 2011 10R are bimetallic like they used to be, whereas others (like this one) are to be on planchets like the recent circulating 10R.

  2. Yes, and those are bad news for bimetallic collectors.

  3. Belgorod has been commemorated in 2006 in the serie "cities of Russia",this seems to be the first of a new serie called "cities of military glory".
    Probably the old serie will continues in bi-metallic while this new one is made like the new circulating . A chaotic situation for coin collectors while the new 25 roubles commemorating Sochi 2014 seems circulating (see bank of Russia).
    Who knows more?

  4. I live in Moscow and I am a coin collector. I can tell you that new bumetallic 10-roubles coins are minted in very small quantities and it's almost impossible to meet them in circulation. This situation is very bad for coin collectors, but Central Bank decided that it's not profitable to issue new bimetallic coins in big quantities...