Thursday, April 28, 2011

Serbia 2011 - Redesigned coat of arms

My friend Ranko, from, just informed that finally we'll see different 2011 circulation types in Serbia, as the redesigned coat of arms has been approved. The striking of the new coins has already started. First one will be the 5 dinara, soon available in rolls.

Here are both old and new coats of arms:

And here are low quality images of the coins obverses (new one on the right):

(images by Ranko Mandic and Wikipedia)
(information from Ranko Mandic)

LINK: National Bank of Serbia
LINK: New coat of arms for Serbia


  1. I'm from Russia) I know English bad.
    Your blog I read constantly, he is also interested in coins. Write more)

  2. This may be a weird question, but why does a republic have a crown on its coat of arms?

    1. Double crown symbolizes the highest rank of Serbia as state - Carstvo (Imperia, Empire, Realm... something over else, for example over Kingdom) and real independence and freedom. That word (Carstvo, Carevina) can not be exactly translated on English.

      Now, Serbia is republic, and it is far from old system, ideas and values. No matter, coat of arms recalls that ideas.

      However, debate about redesign/new emblazon of coat of arms is far from end. Almost every Serb want old style from 1882. back.

      Hopefully I give you some answers... and sorry about my english.

  3. Many former communist countries bear crowns on their arms being republic (see Hungary bulgaria Poland Russia Montenegro ). The Serbian is the royal arm of 1882 updated now in 2010

  4. Serbia was Kingdom in different ways for more than 1000 years (except during Turkish rule at whole Balkan)and this picture continues it's look. After 1943, British and American government recognized Josip Broz communists and from the end of WW2, Yugoslavia and later Serbia is Republic with president. Best wishes to all from Serbia