Wednesday, March 29, 2017


My friend (and one of the main bimetallic coin news providers for my blog) Fran Pascual has released his awesome "General Catalog of WORLD BIMETALLIC COINS":

After more than three years of hard work of taking pictures, investigating and completing information, the General Catalog of WORLD BIMETALLIC COINS is finally out. The aim of this book is to provide information about the bimetallic coins issued by governments around the world. The coins featured are exclusively minted with official authorization of the respective states and/or its territories, that is to say, all of them have the official support of its government.

The self-made images used on this catalog are depicted in real size inside its 296 pages in wich you can find notes and curiosities from uncommon coins as well country index, bimetallic gold coins index, market values, mintage, variants, or KM# and BC# (Bimetallic Coin) indentification numbers.

-All the coins have their own BC# code (Bimetallic Coin number). It is based on the ISO code of each country and the date of issue of each coin. Also letters are used if the coin has more than one metallic version.

-Only legar tender coins are listed in this Catalog, circulating and non circulating, base and precious metals. A gold market value table for each specific coin is located on the back of the catalog.

-The Catalog also lists the most significative errors.

-It also indicates market prices, but keep in mind that the market value is allways fluctuating and this can change.

You can order this fantastic book here:

Also, you can download some sample pages HERE.

Few other photos:


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  1. Thank you so much for your post in your prestigious blog my friend. Hope that you will like it.

    Fran :)