Thursday, November 24, 2016

Off-Topic: Can you identify this item?

A friend sent me this photo of a piece that needs identification. Can you help?

Information received from André Milhorat: Actually, it is an Iraqi medal struck in 1978, for 10 years of seizure of power further to a coup d'état, by Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr, about the party Baas. Even if Saddam Hussein succeeded well him, this medal is previous to its diet because he took the power only in 1979. The translations are the following ones. Outside, from top to bottom: "an Arabic nation with an eternal message", "Unity, Freedom, Socialism" (converse about the party Baas). In the middle: "Republic of Iraq", "1398-IV-3 July, 1978". In the center: "Tenth birthday", "Wealth", "IV-3 July, 1968"


  1. Hello,

    1968 Iraq Commemorative Revolution Silver Medal Coin Saddam Hussein 31 Gram

  2. Iraq commemorative silver medal 1978,10th anniversary of July 1968 revolution.