Sunday, September 27, 2015

Off-Topic: Can you identify this item?

A friend of mine asked me about this piece that needs identification. Can you help?

Comments from Wolfgang Schuster's sources: it is absolutely clear that the piece was fabricated quite recently, either as a souvenir for tourists or a fake for cheating collectors. Its legends representing wildly distorted kufic style a certain 'dinar struck at Miknasah (?) in year 497 (or 499)', crudely copying the popular gold issues of Almoravid 'Ali b. Tashufin (compare with, so both the style and technique features obviously betray a modern hand, perhaps diligent and accurate but absolutely illiterate in medieval arabic writing.


  1. Hola. Yo tengo una replica similar y decía que era española bajo dominación árabe, creo que Califato Omeya o algo así en la ficha técnica que la acompañaba. La mía es como de aluminio-zinc y otra en plata aunque los caracteres árabes difieren algo.

  2. Looks like a modern forgery of a Kuwait area dirham for me