Thursday, September 3, 2015

Macedonia 2 denari 2014 - without dots

New circulation variety:

The 2014 issue of the Macedonian 2 denari has no dots, as you can see here compared to 2006:

You can order this coin from Egon Conti ( or from his eBay lists:

(news and image from Egon Conti)

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  1. Is this really a new variety, or is it just a case of the dies being over-polished around the rim?

    I acquired a 2014 example of this coin, and the obverse shows faint dots from about 8:00 to 1:00, while the reverse shows even fainter dots around the top third. The balance has no dots.

    Around the obverse edge where there are no dots, the tops of the legend are also starting to disappear into the background field, exactly like the edge has been over polished.