Friday, July 10, 2015

Ukraine 2 hryvnia 2015 - Petro Prokopovych

New low mintage commemorative:

'240 anniversary of the birth of Petro Prokopovych'

Petro Prokopovych (1775–1850) was the founder of commercial beekeeping. He introduced novelties in traditional beekeeping that allowed great progress in the practice.

(news from Taigawirbel and Pabitra Saha)
(image from Pabitra Saha)
(biographical data taken from Wikipedia)

Composition: CuNiZn
Weight: 12.80 g
Diameter: 31.00 mm
Mintage: 30,000

LINK: National Bank of Ukraine

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  1. He designed the first Outhouse/beehive. You could enjoy the cooling of the bee's wings as they kept the hive cool and you could also enjoy a sweet treat during your visit