Monday, October 27, 2014

Off-Topic: Can you give me info about this Georgian coin?

I have these piece in my coin collection that needs identification. Can you help? I did my best with the scanner...

I was told that it is from Georgia 13th century, reigh of queen Rousudan (1222-1245):

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  1. Information is correct. This coin is called fels or fulus. The coin is dated 447 year of Koronikonsa - ancient Georgia calendar (1227AD). Avers first side says RSN, (RuSudaN) - center. Round legend - 6 letters KKN (KoroniKoNsa) and 447. Reverse - 4 lines in Arabic:
    Queen of Kings and Queen,
    Glory of the World, Kingdom and Faith,
    worshiper of the Messiah,
    may God Increase her victories.