Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Egypt 10 millieme 1967 - New type and new unlisted variety

My friend Wolfgang Schuster has sent these images from his own collection, after discovering two very interesting and unlisted varieties of the Aluminium Egypt 10 milliemes 1967:

The known type with 'MISR' above the denomination is listed and pictured with shaded denomination numerals as KM#411 (dated 1967-1386H). But this issue also exists as unlisted sub-type without shading on the numerals:

Additionally, he discovered a completely unknown and unlisted type: the Aluminium 10 Milliemes also has been struck in a version without 'MISR' above the denomination (also dated 1967-1386H), without shading on the numerals. Currently no shaded varieties are known:

(news and images from Wolfgang Schuster)

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