Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Saudi Arabia 50 halala 2010 - Different calligraphy

New circulating type:

The 50 halala from year AH1431(2010) has a different calligraphy for 'khamsun halala’ (fifty halala) than that from year AH1428(2007) (KM#68 and Schön#53), so it should be cataloged as different type.

The Arabic inscription 'khamsun halala’ (fifty halala) comes in 2 different forms, regarding its calligraphy:

a) 1428H: the 'n' in khamsun is positioned above the u, and there are no diacritical marks below 'halala'

b) 1431H (and also 1434H & 1436H): the 'n' in khamsun is positioned left of the u, and diacritical marks are added below 'halala'

(information and image by Wolfgang Schuster)

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