Thursday, February 27, 2014

India 1 rupee 2011 "Rupee" symbol variety

Information from Ashwin Lobo: The "Rupee" symbol of the 2011 is smaller and styled significantly differently from other years. Both varieties may exist for 2011. I have noticed this on the R1 for the moment, but probably exists for the other denominations as well:

Closer detail of the "Rupee" symbol in both coins:

Comments and extra reports are welcome!!!!

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  1. This is no significant difference. 2011 the rupee symbol was introduced and the die would have faced improvements.
    If we look at these as changes then in the earlier Nritya Mudra series there are some 5 different varieties of each denomination. Again this is mint specific.
    Even the strike quality differs for the first strike and subsequent strikes of coins in even the same mint.