Thursday, October 3, 2013

Solomon Islands 2008 & 2010 varieties

Let me show here some varieties I found in my collection for Solomon Islands coinage before the recent and new 2012 coin family.

Starting with the 10 cents, we can see that the 2010 (does a 2008 exist also?) type has a different typography than 2005 (KM#27a):

Exactly the same happens with the 20 cents 2008 and 2010. Both have a different typography than 2005 (KM#28):

For the 50 cents, we can see also the different typography in 2008 (I wonder if there is also a 2010 issue). Besides, this denomination has now a magnetic core, it's not CuNi like 2005 (KM#29):

And finally, the 1 dollar coin, once again we find the different typography in 2008 (is there a 2010 issue?). And it too has a magnetic core, so not CuNi like 2005 (KM#72):

Any confirmation about the smallest denominations (1, 2 and 5 cents) for years after 2005 and before 2012 would be great! (my latest Krause just lists 1 cent 2010 and 2 cents 2006)

Updates from Antoine Clerc:
1 cent 2010 also has the narrow lettering of the other 2008 and 2010 denominations.
2 cents 2006 has two interesting mint marks (meaning?). See them both in Antoine's PDF.

(news from Antoine Clerc and Wolfgang Schuster)
(scans from my own collection)

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