Saturday, October 12, 2013

East India Company 1/12 anna 1835 & 1848

Sorry, I know this is no new type, but I need help and opinions!

While I was sorting my Indian coins, I found these two pieces that Krause lists under same catalog number KM#445. How can that be possible? if you check carefully you will find tons of differences!

Do you have info of any other specialized catalogs and the way they classify them?

(scans from my own collection)

LINK: East India Company coinage at Chiefa Coins


  1. Hi!

    Krause catalog isn't good at all for these kind of varieties... :(

    But I think it could be cause of the mint that made the coins, the 1835 ones were minted in Bombay and Madras, and the 1848 in Calcutta...

  2. Try F. Pridmore, "The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations", Part 4, India, vol. 2

  3. right one real coin, left is fake

  4. right side coin is real left side coins is fake

  5. I also have one on the right in my collection that I got from my ancestors. Just curious to know how much will it fetch in an legitimate auction?