Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kazakhstan 10 tenge 2013 - Magnetic core

This 2013 denomination has now magnetic core. Previous type (KM#25) was Nickel-Brass, so 2013 one should be a new KM type:

Picture of the 2006 issue KM#25:

Since we also knew of the 1 tenge 2013 being magnetic, any information about the other denominations will be very welcome!!

(news by Wolfgang Schuster and Michael Kaplan)


  1. Several months ago there was a message at one of Russian numismatic forums, saying that Kazakhstan was starting to make coins of all the denominations with new composition. So, not only 1 and 10 tenge, but all the denominations will appear soon.

  2. Magnetic 5 tenge 2013 has already appeared:

  3. Magnetic 20 tenge 2013 appeared 2 days ago: