Friday, June 8, 2012

Colombia 2012 - New coin family

New circulating types:

(news from

LINK: Banco de la República de Colombia
LINK: Colombia patterns and Krause corrections


  1. From some Spanish text I found online and translated with Google:

    50 pesos - spectacled bear

    100 pesos - a Frailejón plant. Espeletia, commonly known as Frailejón, is a genus of perennial subshrubs, in the family Asteraceae. It is endemic mainly to Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

    200 pesos - scarlet macaw

    500 pesos - crystal frog

    1000 pesos - loggerhead turtle. This coin will have a latent image, with the initials "BRC" or "MIL", depending on the angle of view. Microtext at the bottom of the coin reads "Taking care of the water" repeated consecutively, with each occurrence inverted with respect to the previous one.

  2. Great designs, but I was under the impression that they were planning a redenomination and an all new currency. Guess that's not going to happen after all...