Sunday, October 23, 2011

Portland Coins "Coin collecting kit"

This is an off-topic to talk about a great product I've just tested, from my good friend Tyler, of Portland Coins.

If you're looking for an easy way to get yourself or someone you know started with collecting world coins, you should check out the coin collecting kits made by Portland Coins. They are designed for people just beginning to get into the hobby.

Tyler sent me a kit to take a look at, the one on the image below. Each kit includes a large 3-ring binder labeled specially for coin collectors, a bunch of flips to protect coins, some pocket pages to store coins in the binder, and a magnifying glass for better viewing of coins. Because new collectors may not be familiar with how to use flips, there is a step-by-step instruction sheet for how to properly secure a coin in a flip. And because it isn't always easy to tell what country a coin is from, it includes several pages of common world coin words and pictures to help identify coins. It even comes with a pack of 30 different world coins so that you have something to put in the collection right away.

The Portland Coins Web site has even more coin identification words and pictures to help collectors, and sells additional flips, pages, and packs of coins to add to a collection.

I think these kits would be a great way to introduce someone to world coin collecting. They seem especially kid-friendly because of the instructions and coin-identification help that come right inside the binder. World coin collecting is an easy, inexpensive, and exciting hobby, and with one of these kits it's dead simple to give it a try.

LINK: The Coin collecting kit

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