Friday, October 15, 2010

United Kingdom 50p London 2012 Olympics

New circulating commemoratives:

"29 50p types for London 2012 Olympics"

Since its introduction 41 years ago when decimalisation was established, only 16 designs have featured on the nation’s 50p.
The 29 London 2012 coins appearing in 2010 and 2011 represent the biggest, concurrent range of designs the Royal Mint has ever featured on a circulating coin.
And like every UK coin in use today, each design also had to obtain final approval from the Treasury and Her Majesty The Queen.

LINK: British Royal Mint


  1. The olympic 50 pence pices are
    being issued in 3 lots, the first 9 pieces are just out.

  2. Excellent range of new coins. I will try to collect all of this series.

  3. It will be a while I suspect for these coins to appear in change (probably after the olympics!) Notice also the 2009 Jumper 50p has been reissued with a new date, so 28 new designs (not 29)

  4. I hope these will go into circulation, but I have seen only a single 2009 Kew Gardens and no 2010 Girl Guide 50p coins in my change.

  5. Does anyone happen to know whether these coins can be gotten in rolls or bags? Just let me know please :)

  6. no rolls, no bags - just individual packs from the mint at the moment. UK coins are impossible to find in bags at the best of times! (we don't use rolls)

  7. I recieved an olympic coin in my change today 12-02-11 the date on it is 2011 and it depics Badminton with a shuttlecock.


  8. I have 9 of the coins and I still need to find the remaining 20. Julia