Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cook Islands 2010

New coin types:

(information and image by Thomas Fehlhauer)


  1. What's on the other side?
    The usual picture of the queen?

  2. The 1$ coin has a similar design to the 1€ (euro) coin. I wonder if they're the same size?

  3. It is an ancient statue represemting God of Fertility. It was on earlier coins too.

  4. Hilmar J. HerzbergApril 11, 2010 at 10:59 AM


    I wonder, if these coins were minted officially or if they are just another phantasy issue ordered from ECC or MIETENS having paid a royalty fee: The design looks a little bit crude, further more 2$ and 5$ are lacking, but 1C and 2 Cents* (*both no longer in circulation in NZ and CI) were added.

    I have been to CI myself a few years ago and NZ currency was widely used although maybe 1% of the coins in circulation were proper CI coins, usually coming in denominations of 20C-5$.

    I have serious doubts though that the set shown will ever even reach to the CI, probably it is just a commercial issue like "Dharfur", "Cabinda" or "Kurdistan" without legal tender...!

    Who knows more?!


  5. hi hilmar,
    the coins are not in circulation and only for collectors, but they are legal tender like "pitcairn", "stoltenhoff", "tristan" and so on.
    "dharfur", "kurdistan", "easter island" and so on are only fancy products.
    I get my informations from g. schön.
    best regards

  6. The problem with G.Schön Weltmünzkatalog is the fact, that he would not make any differance in between circulating coins, legal tender (but not circulating ones) and fantasy issues. I asked him various times, to indicate available information on that for young and/or unexperienced collectors but he is very resistant to any kind of suggestion.
    Personally I highly regret, that nowadays about everybody can issue his own coins pretending, that these are legal tender here or there. This creates confusion and inflation-of-"new countries to be collected" and should be boycotted, otherwise motivated collectors turn away like it was the case with telphone cards in time being.

  7. that's right.
    i solve the problem with a detail and fair-minded product-description in my shop.
    if the "coins" are not for circulation, i write this.
    if the "coins" are fancy-products, i write this too.
    that's fair for my customers and i think, more is not possible.

  8. Wolfgang Schian
    I have been last Year (2014) to the Cook Island and have been to the Treasury ,asked for these coins and been told they heard about them but are for sure no legal tender and nobody in the treasury has seen them????
    Wolfgang Schian