Monday, October 5, 2009

Pakistan 10 rupee 2009 - Peoples Republic of China

New circulating commemorative:

(information by Pabitra Saha)

LINK: State Bank of Pakistan

Material: CuNi
Weight: 8.25 g
Diameter: 27.50 mm


  1. Does the 10 rupees actually circulate?

  2. It almost certainly does not circulate. Mintage is 100.000 pieces. With a population of 170 million people in Pakistan, that means 0,0006 coin per inhabitant. The previous 10 rupee coin (Benazir Bhutto) had a mintage of initially 300.000, with 200.000 added subsequently. So, apparently, 10 rupee coins are actually held by coin collectors and dealers, or kept as charms or medallions by people in Pakistan.