Friday, October 9, 2009

Japan 500 yen 2009 - Ibaraki & Nara

New bimetallic commemoratives:

"Japan prefectures: Ibaraki & Nara"

Ibaraki obverse design: Kairakuen Garden and Plum Tree or Japanese Apricot Tree. Kairakuen Garden is located in Mito city and is known as one of the three famous traditional gardens in Japan. It was created in 1842 and is famous for plum blossom viewing.

Nara obverse design: Kentoshi-sen (Ship for Imperial Japanese Envoy to China in the Tang Dynasty). Japanese envoys to the Tang Dynasty played an important role in international cultural exchange during the Asuka and Nara periods in ancient Japan. The design was taken from Toseiden-emaki, scrolls showing the history of Ganjin, a Chinese monk who propagated Buddhism in Japan. He came to Japan by Kentoshi-sen and opened the Toshodaiji Temple.

(information and images by Antonio Barrena)

LINK: Japan Mint

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  1. Could any one exchange this coin with me. I have some other coins