Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mexico 100 pesos 2007 - Nayarit

New circulating commemorative:

"Mexican States collection 2: NAYARIT"

The coin shows the island of Mexcaltitlan.

The island of Mexcaltitlan:

From Wikipedia: Mexcaltitlan is a small island with a circumference of less than a mile, floating in the swampy lowlands and mangroves off the coast of the Mexican state of Nayarit. It has been thought that it is the Aztlan of the Aztecs, their home city and birthplace from whence they set out to on their pilgrimage that led them to the founding of Tenochtitlan.

LINK: Banco de Mexico

Disc composition: Silver 0.925
Ring composition: Aluminium-Bronze
Weight: 33.967 g
Diameter: 39.00 mm
Edge: rifling

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