Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Biffeche 2006

Biffeche is a small Kingdom on the borders of Senegal and Mauritanie, on the Senegal River in the Sahel region of West Africa. It has been a Kingdom from time immemorial, first mentioned by the French in early XVII Century documents. An unusual feature of this fundamentally African Kingdom is that since 1963, the Kings of Biffeche have been white.

The king's monument seen on the coin:

Closer view of the text:

LINK: Kingdom of Biffeche
LINK: Biffeche in Wikipedia


  1. I am afraid these coins do not qualify as a legal tender. They are the product of truly impressive imagination of an American businessman... and there is no such Kingdom in Africa...

  2. Hoax. No such country exists, so this is just somebody trying to pass off his/her products as something official. The Wikipedia page does not include anything about this "Kingdom" either, so no point in including this link here. The island does exist, but it is part of Senegal.