Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ukraine 2 hryvnia 2006 - Oleg Antonov

New commemorative:

"Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov"

The coin is dedicated to 100th anniversary of Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov, an aircraft designer, under whose management transport, training and sport aircrafts and gliders were developed. Oleh Antonov had always strived for his aircrafts, including such giants as Antei and Ruslan were all-purpose and beautiful and could transport cargo and passengers for a long distance. Now engineers and technicians of the Aircraft Scientific and Technical Complex named after Antonov keep on developing business of the talented aircraft designer.

Ukraine has also released a 2006 stamp to celebrate the anniversary:

LINK: National Bank of Ukraine
LINK: Antonov Aircraft company
LINK: Wikipedia: Oleh Antonov biography

Composition: CuNi
Weight: 12.80 g
Diameter: 31.00 mm
Quality: special uncirculated
Edge: incised
Artist: Mykola Kochubei
Sculptor: Roman Chaikovsky
Mintage: 45,000

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